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Willow, weep not for Megan Fox: While her lovely summer dreams of being in a blockbuster comic-book film seem to have imploded with Jonah Hex, and next summer’s dreams of reprising the only role that’s ever made her money have been officially denied, she remains determined to be the bland lust object of the genre world, telling Fox News she’d love to star in an adaptation of the very-mid-’90s comic-book series Gen 13 just as soon as someone gets around to making that.

“I don't want people to protest this, but I would like to be [Sarah] Rainmaker in Gen 13 if they ever made that into a movie,” she said, just putting that out there, hoping against hope no one takes to the streets to voice their dissent. And before you organize your own history-shaping flash mob or Facebook campaign, stop to consider that Fox says that she identifies with Rainmaker—an Apache girl who discovers that she has the ability to manipulate the weather with her mind, and who escapes from a government testing facility with a similarly superpowered group of grunge-era teens—because “she's a Native American, and I have a little bit of that blood in me,” and if it's good enough for college scholarship applications, it's good enough for us. Added Fox, “It would be a bit of a stretch—but if Jake Gyllenhaal can be the Prince of Persia, I think that I can do that.” Not mentioned in the interview is the fact that Sarah Rainmaker is a lesbian, which is surprising given how much Megan Fox usually likes to talk about kissing girls. But we suppose that’s just accepted as read at this point.


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