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Megan Fox to solve history's greatest mysteries for the Travel Channel

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Megan Fox may have once compared Michael Bay to Hitler, but that was eight years ago and she had a surprisingly good run on New Girl and a fun head-exploding interview since then, so now she’s moving to a deeper and more meaningful calling then making dumb robot movies with Michael Bay: solving historical mysteries on the Travel Channel. According to Entertainment Weekly, Fox is set to host a four-episode series called Mysteries And Myths With Megan Fox that will involve her traveling around the world as she “enlists the help of experts to investigate some of histories greatest mysteries.”

The aforementioned mysteries will include “the Trojan War” and “whether or not Amazon women truly existed,” and Fox released a galaxy brain statement about how “history only gives us a one-sided view of the truth,” which she knows because her own history “has been rewritten by other people who had a vested interest in changing the narrative.” She also notes that she doesn’t have an academic background, so she can uncover what’s really going on with the Trojan War and Amazon women without having to worry about pressure from the elites who want to maintain the status quo.

So yeah, it’s going to be one of those shows about history’s mysteries.


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