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Megan Fox thinks people are “brainwashed,” may also be superhuman

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Megan Fox didn’t exactly have the best “big break” in Hollywood, seeing as how her arrival into the mainstream came from stuff like the Transformers movies and Jonah Hex, but a well-received arc on the most recent season of New Girl suggested that she’s a lot more competent than people might’ve expected from her résumé. In fact, if an L.A. Times profile is to be believed, she may have actually achieved a level of cosmic awareness that far exceeds that of the average Transformers viewer. For starters, ever since she was a kid, she says she’s been able to “just know things” sometimes, like she can “accidentally tap into” a “future string” and gain knowledge of events that haven’t happened yet. Basically, Megan Fox is like Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen. She knows we’re all puppets, but she’s a puppet who can see the strings.

In fact, Fox says it was this apparent superpower that convinced her to get into acting, because she knew it was going to happen anyway. However, much like Doctor Manhattan, Fox has begun to grow tired of this version of reality, so she’s making a new one. Even though her latest movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows, is just hitting theaters, Fox doesn’t think acting is her “ultimate passion” anymore. She says she has “other skill sets and gifts that are much, much stronger” and she is “obligated to exercise and use” them, adding that she’s “more intellectually minded” and very into “alternative history, antiquities, and archaeology.”


Apparently, Fox is “consumed” by the “deep mysteries that exist on our planet that can’t be explained today by science,” and she says that she and Shia LaBeouf were given a tour of the Great Pyramid in Giza during which a “high-ranking” official told them that the pyramids were actually “some type of energy plant” and that the stuff about them being tombs was invented “for tourism.” The L.A. Times suggests that she could work at a museum or host a show about history, but Fox says it “would be a dream” if she “ended up working for Vice.”

The thing about Megan Fox, though, is that she’s Megan Fox. Much like Doctor Manhattan being naked and blue, it’s hard to get past that sometimes, and Fox says that she “often feels misunderstood” because of her looks. That brings the L.A. Times back around to TMNT (finally), which features a scene where Fox “runs through Grand Central Station in a skimpy schoolgirl uniform as the camera zooms in on her taut midsection.” Fox recognizes that stuff like that may not line up with feminism, but she’s “not going to keep fighting the image that exists” because “resistance is futile at this point.”

Overall, Fox says that people “are plebeians that are brainwashed by the type of media they expose themselves to.” She says that they “anticipate a shallowness,” and “a self-centeredness,” and “a lack of self-awareness” from her, so that’s all they see. She believes that it “doesn’t matter” what she says or does (including the stuff she says and does in this story), because she’s just going to be what people want her to be anyway. “At this moment, they might desire to exalt me onto a pedestal,” she says, “But the next? You’re a human sacrifice. The control is not in my hands.”

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