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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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Bob Saget and Meg Ryan now have more in common than their brief tenures as America’s sweetheart and a shared affinity for watching grown men get hit in the balls: Ryan has just been cast as the unseen, untiring voice of How I Met Your Dad in the CBS sort-of-spinoff to the recently departed How I Met Your Mother. What Saget did for Josh Radnor—i.e. telling his future children the story of how he met their mother who didn’t ultimately matter, because he’d still like to have sex with their “aunt”—Ryan will do for Greta Gerwig, providing the narration and strangely omniscient commentary on her friends’ innermost thoughts and feelings, all while her kids wait patiently to hear who Mom really wants to sleep with. And as with Saget, Meg Ryan will never actually be seen on the show, as her mind and voice box are already being transplanted to a robot who can talk ceaselessly about relationships for nine years.


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