Riding the ironic wave set off by Rebecca Black and the cavalcade of manufactured wannabe pop stars of the Ark Music Factory, now it seems we're importing the same sort of quick-turnaround pop from Norway. Meet Tonje Langeteig, who just released her first single, "I Don't Wanna Be A Crappy Housewife," which, despite its admirable title and sentiment, still contains shoddy production work with a music video filmed in Tønsberg—the 10th largest city in Norway with less than 50,000 people—that looks as though it was shot on a FlipVideo with whatever friends the director could rope into sitting in a fancy car. The song follows the same sort of nonsensical structure as "Friday," right down to the inexplicable rap breakdown in place of a bridge before hitting that oh-so-requisite key change for the final chorus. According to the YouTube channel that posted the video, Langeteig is repped by Stalker Management, which doesn't really bode well for Tonje, who introduces the song by saying "Hi, my name is Tonje, I'm a little pretty girl trapped inside a grownup's body." Shiver.