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Meet the surprisingly un-spooky Junji Ito in this trailer for Adult Swim's Uzumaki adaptation

The people who create horror don’t necessarily have to be scary themselves, but certain people—your Stephen Kings, your Guillermo del Toros—certainly do lean into the spooky lifestyle. So, given how fucking nightmarish some of the imagery that Japanese author and artist Junji Ito has unleashed on the world of the years, you might expect him to be a little unsettling as well, like maybe with a face that turns into a spiral or a mountain with freaky people-shaped holes… or maybe a dead sea creature that washes up on a shore, its intestines full of people who were lost at sea and had been swallowed up by the horrible thing, cursed to witness the horrors of the deep ocean through its translucent skin? Well, according to this new teaser for Adult Swim’s anime adaptation of Uzumaki, Junji Ito is just a normal guy who likes writing scary stories.


Is it disappointing? A little bit, but we’d take a normal guy over something that haunts our every waking thought like those damn spirals we keep seeing everywhere! Anyway, Adult Swim’s four-episode adaptation of Uzumaki is coming in 2020

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