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Illustration for article titled iMeet The Parents/i director teams with Al Gore’s daughter for HBO space comedy

Although Jay Roach made his name directing lightweight films like Meet The Parents and Meet The Fockers, he delved into politics with HBO movies Recount and Game Change. But his newest project for the network has more in common with the work he did on, say, Austin Powers In Goldmember than those more serious films: He’s executive producing Women In Space, a half-hour comedy about female astronauts written by Kristin Gore, who’s written for Futurama and Saturday Night Live—and who also happens to be the daughter one of the claimants in Bush v. Gore, as captured in Recount.


According to Deadline, the show follows a small group of female space explorers on a mission to colonize a planet. It’ll be part of the same class of 2014 HBO pilots that includes another Roach production, a Jack Black/Tim Robbins show called The Brink that has already been picked up to series.

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