It's not easy having the office upstairs from The A.V. Club. When we don't have bands like Rise Against making the ductwork in the entire building shudder, we're watching loud movies (ahem, Scott Tobias and Nathan Rabin), occasionally playing the loud video game (which earned us the stuttering rage of one of our neighbors when Rock Band came out in '07), or possibly spreading H1N1, which took out several Onion Inc. staffers last fall.

Our upstairs neighbors at CloserLook, a marketing company for healthcare agencies, are generally patient with our frequent unprofessionalism. (We really didn't expect Wye Oak to be that loud, guys, promise.) But it looks like they're trying to step to our video game with this funny holiday video touting designer Jon Sarmiento's wrapping skills. Ah, that's why they were being so loud a few weeks ago—fine, CloserLook, you've had your revenge.