We didn't think it was possible, but the sequel to the super-duper-extra-psycho dreadful 2004 mega-smash Meet The Fockers has just become even more dire-looking with the announcement that the lovely and talentless Jessica Alba is in talks to join the cast. Paul Weitz will take over directing duties from Jay Roach, who steered Fockers to a worldwide gross of over five hundred million dollars. Yes, five hundred million dollars. According to Variety (a phrase that appears so often in my Newswire posts I'm thinking about copyrighting it) Meet The Parents scribe John Hamburg will be rewriting a script by Larry Stuckey. If the third entry in the Parents trilogy is anything like the second it will recycle every gag from the first film but ratchet up the scatology and air of smug self-satisfaction. We remain, uncharacteristically, deeply pessimistic.