The only hope a reasonable person could hold out for Disney’s adaptation of its terrifying theme park ride It’s A Small World is that it would become a horror movie. Sure, Escape From Tomorrow revealed the dark inner-workings of Disney World’s cheerful façade, but even the simple melody of The Sherman Brothers’ “It’s A Small World”—which nightmare maestro David Lynch once told The A.V. Club was a “real torment”—suggests that a far more disturbing story is waiting to be told.

But it seems that Disney will offer torment of a different kind with this adaptation, hiring the comedy-writing team of Tim Rasmussen and Vince Di Meglio to hammer out the script for It’s A Small World. The duo has written such dreck as Meet The Fockers, License To Wed, and Marmaduke, so there’s little reason to assume that It’s A Small World would be any better. And because the definition of insanity for film executives is to watch writers do the same thing multiple times and then hire them while expecting different results, it’s pretty clear that the people at Disney have gone completely bonkers. It’s no doubt a side effect from spending too much time on that fucking hellhole of a ride.