As part of a world-healing mission to prove that douchebaggery is universal, a group of producers led by actor and former fashion model Tyrese Gibson has been quietly developing K-Town, an Asian spin on Jersey Shore that's set in L.A.’s Koreatown. Much like what the previously announced Party Down South plans to do for rednecks, K-Town will prove that Asian-Americans are just as capable of making terrible decisions on camera as any other race. After a Craigslist casting call for “interesting, attractive, colorful Asian-Americans,” they settled on these people.

As you can see, K-Town doesn’t plan to stray very far from Jersey Shore’s proven formula of steroids, spray-tans, and stripper heels—and in fact, it’s even landed its very own “Asian Situation,” which refers not to tense nuclear proliferation talks between North and South Korea, but rather bodybuilder and occasional porn star Peter Le. According to the NY Post, Le’s audition tape reveals that he loves to “drink, smoke, and pop off when not training.” We’re not really up on the hip lingo; does one of these promo pictures from the show's official Twitter feed involve popping off?


K-Town has yet to find a network, although you can already get to know the cast on Twitter and keep up with their thoughts on partying (they enjoy it) and “K-pop, baby, K-pop.” Can we do a Jewish Jersey Shore next? Let’s not stop until all the colors of the human rainbow have been humiliated.