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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

There’s not much subtlety to the above teaser for Better Call Saul’s fifth season, which finds our sweet, flawed Jimmy McGill spiraling ever closer to the clown he calls Saul Goodman. Look, he’s even in a tent! One that looks like it belongs at a carnival! Outside linger some of New Mexico’s roughest clientele, serving to tease a season in which Jimmy—ahem, Saul—is less interested in justice than he is making friends in low places.

This teaser follows our first fraught peek at the season, one that tucked our hero in the back of a locked, cruising car, a gun just inches from his grasp. Kim? Help?


Better Call Saul will drop its fifth season premiere on February 23, with its second episode debuting the following night on Monday, February 24. See some new art for the season below.

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