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Meet Pot Sasquatch, a new American hero

If there’s one good thing to come out of last year’s election, it’s the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana in numerous states. One of the lucky states was Massachusetts, where the law just recently went into effect on December 14. And Jennifer Pagliei, a meteorologist from WWLP, got a glimpse at just how much the locals seem to be loving it during a live broadcast yesterday in Springfield.

At first, Jennifer Pagliei doesn’t even notice what the station dubbed a “Pot Sasquatch” on its Facebook page. Once she turns to survey the snowfall, however, she’s struck by the presence of a giant weed nugget lumbering through the drifts. Watch the full video below.


It looks like the monster is actually a mascot. Springfield “gardening” store Potco is on its way to becoming a one-stop shop for all things cannabis, and helping them along the way is a thing they call Potsquatch, a “mossy, ghillie-suited plantlike character.” Potco owner Dave Mech says “if the tax preparer down the street can have a dancing Statue Of Liberty, he can have Potsquatch.” No arguments here.


Whether we’re calling it Potsquatch or Pot Sasquatch, this Swamp Thing-looking motherfucker just became America’s new sweetheart.

[via Mashable]


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