One of the biggest questions going into this year’s E3 Expo was how Nintendo would revolutionize the way people spend money on Nintendo products, and today it’s been answered: Meet the Wii U, the successor to and usurper of your now-outmoded Wii console, and the machine that promises to provide a “new approach” to video gaming. And as you can see in the below introductory video, it’s all about the touch-screen technology (well, that and the belabored corporate-speak arguing that the "u" stands for "'unique,' 'unifying,' maybe even 'utopian"'), as the Wii U augments the current Wii stick with a pad that allows you to play on both your television and its six-inch screen, in addition to working as a controller with various target-sighting and flinging-ninja-star applications, as a conduit for video conferencing and web browsing, and even as a sketchbook for all your Legend Of Zelda fan art. Suddenly your old Legend Of Zelda fan art sketchbook looks kind of ridiculous.