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Meet Nicholas Hoult’s hot, young Lord Of The Rings author in the first Tolkien trailer

First they gave us hot, young Dumbledore. Then they teased Batman’s hot, young Alfred Pennyworth. And now, please prepare yourself for another youthful, attractive version of an old dude: hot young J.R.R. Tolkien.


The iconic author wasn’t always old, obviously, even if he was in his sixties when the first The Lord of the Rings novel was published in 1954. But we don’t exactly think of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien as the pretty-faced, blue-eyed protagonist of a turbulent love story full of war and strife. That’s the story we’ll get in Tolkien, a biopic starring Nicholas Hoult as the English author and professor.

The first brief trailer teases the life story of The Hobbit author, mixing reality with hints of fantasy to detail his youth as an orphan, his relationship with muse and wife Edith Bratt (Lily Collins), his time teaching at Oxford, and his experiences in the first World War. As Hoult recounts in the trailer, it’s a story about courage, love, magic, and yes, fellowship, of course. You don’t just suddenly come up with an intricate fantasy world and invent a bunch of languages out of nowhere, so hopefully Tolkien will do justice to the mind behind Middle-earth.

The biopic, which comes from Finnish director Dome Karukoski (Tom Of Finland), also stars Derek Jacobi, Miss Trunchbull herself, Pam Ferris, and Colm Meaney. Tolkien hits theaters on May 10, which will inevitably be followed by the next development in the hot young old guy universe: hot young George R.R. Martin.

Oliver Whitney is a film critic and culture writer living in Brooklyn.