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Meet Mr. Jingles, American Horror Story: 1984's masked slasher, in the season's first full trailer

Illustration for article titled Meet Mr. Jingles, iAmerican Horror Story: 1984/is masked slasher, in the seasons first full trailer
Screenshot: FX (YouTube)

Well, you can’t say Ryan Murphy hasn’t done his homework. The upcoming American Horror Story: 1984 has been teased with a slew of neon, ‘80s-aping teasers, but today FX dropped the first full trailer for the ninth season of the uneven, if wildly popular, anthology series. And, yeah, everything’s here: The teen archetypes, the slasher lore, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style van, and even the wise, doomsaying gas station attendant, here played by the great Don Swayze. “You’re all gonna die,” he bluntly tells them.


We also learn the name of the season’s slasher in a scene that feels plucked directly from Halloween. “Mr. Jingles,” intones a man who looks suspiciously like Donald Pleasance, thus forcing us to imagine an unholy blend of Michael Myers and that mouse from The Green Mile. No, as you can see below, the killer more so evokes the hooded killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer. Not an ‘80s reference, that, but we’ll take it.

The massive cast includes the likes of Billie Lourd, John Carroll Lynch, Leslie Grossman, Cody Fern,, Emma Roberts, and Matthew Morrison’s big dong.


The season drops its knife on September 18.

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