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Meet Kromsby, the friendly alien who is here to save The Cosby Show

We recently reported that Bounce TV had pulled reruns of The Cosby Show, a decision that only came after Bill Cosby had been found guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault, but perhaps that wasn’t the right move after all. Bill Cosby is the one at fault, so much like how Ridley Scott got Christopher Plummer to save All The Money In The World from Kevin Spacey, perhaps there’s also a way to save The Cosby Show from Bill Cosby? Writer/producer Jon Friedman (Girl Code, Part Timers) seems to have found the solution in the form of Bol Kromsby, a green alien who he has digitally inserted into some clips from The Cosby Show.

The concept allows The Cosby Show—or The Kromsby Show—to retain the same sense of humor as the original series without forcing anyone to think about the fact that its original star was recently convicted of some serious crimes. It’s not a perfect solution, and it would probably be a lot of work for Friedman to create even a single full episode with Kromsby in place of Cosby, but maybe future live-action sitcoms will follow Kromsby’s lead and introduce more animated characters. Everybody loved Son Of Zorn, right?

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