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Screenshot: Hunters (YouTube)

Following the ominous, seven-word teaser that dropped earlier this month, Amazon has offered a deeper look at Hunters, a Jordan Peele-produced action series about New York Nazi hunters in 1977. Al Pacino narrates the clip, warning of an “evil among us” that begins as a “spot” but grows into a “scourge.” The time to act, he says, is now.

The trailer ends with a look at the newest recruits of “The Hunt,” with Logan Lerman, Carol Kane, Kate Mulvany, and Saul Rubinek stepping up as the team who discoversa far-reaching conspiracy and must race against time to thwart the Nazis’ new genocidal plans,” per a synopsis.


The clip’s bloody glimpses are also flooded with flashes of MAGA hat red, which we doubt was a coincidence. Also of note: Character actor extraordinaire Dylan Baker looking downright manic in a “Kiss the Cook” apron.

Watch the trailer below.

Hunters doesn’t have a premiere date yet, but it’s set to debut sometime in 2020.


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