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Meek Mill has been released from jail

Photo: Zachary Mazur (Getty Images)

CBS News reports that rapper Meek Mill was released on unsecured bail this afternoon, following a high-profile campaign to have him freed from prison in the wake of a recent parole violation. Although he’s been in jail on-and-off ever since he turned 18—often on similar parole violations stemming from a gun charge from 2005—Mill started his last stint in prison back in November. Since then, there have been accusations that the judge in the case—who levied a two-to-four-year sentence against him, in defiance of the wishes of the prosecutor—was attempting to leverage her power over the RocNation rapper for her personal benefit. Earlier today, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered that he be released.

Mill’s case has attracted a number of big-name supporters in recent months, including comedian Kevin Hart, JAY-Z, and Michael Rubin, co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, who picked him up from jail in a helicopter earlier today. (He and Mill are apparently catching a ’Sixers game tonight.) Earlier this afternoon, the rapper tweeted out a thank you message to fans and family for their support:


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