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Mean Girls director making movie with The A.V. Club’s Amelie Gillette

Continuing their careers of exhaustively studying high school girls—for entertainment purposes only—Mean Girls’ Mark Waters and Easy A’s Will Gluck have teamed for another teen comedy about the Machiavellian world of adolescence. Waters has signed on to direct the Gluck-produced #Catfight, a film whose hashtagged title will make it all the easier to find in the ensuing flood of tweet-and-emoticon-based entertainment, right next to #ThisCouldBeUsButYouBatman and Terrence Malick’s Two Ballerinas Dancing Next To An Avocado For Some Reason.

Handling the script is our very own Amelie Gillette, who for years sat quietly fuming within the catty, burn book-passing cafeteria that is The A.V. Club, before finally graduating to write for The Office and Selfie. (You can still find her every week in The Tolerability Index; movie adaptation pending.) #Catfight is the clearly autobiographical story of her time here, concerning a girl who lands a scholarship to an elite private school (an obvious stand-in for Hollywood) and who attempts to reinvent herself by hiding a past she wants to put behind her (i.e. the fact that she wrote for this website).


That bid to fit in by this girl who is definitely not a thinly fictionalized version of Amelie is further complicated by discovering that her new boyfriend (read: steady work in sitcoms) has a psychotic ex-girlfriend who’s fresh out of juvie and looking to kick her ass (a metaphor for standard network politics). On the day of her interview for her dream college (feature filmmaking, one assumes), this girl has to juggle getting her application in order, keeping her terrible past private, and having a showdown with a violent bully, in what sounds like a mash-up of 1987’s Three O’Clock High and every single day of work here.

It’s presumed that, once #Catfight is released, Amelie will stop answering our emails.

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