Previously if you wanted to order a Shamrock-chocolate shake from McDonald’s, an off-the-menu concoction created by this author and this author alone, you had to ask the person at the counter: “Hey, would you mind mixing in half Shamrock shake and half chocolate shake?”

Now, all you need to do is point—you don’t even have to look up from your phone.

Because according to the Chicago Tribune, starting Tuesday, Feb. 7, McDonald’s will be offering a combination shamrock and chocolate shake, saving us the shame of requesting a customized order. It’ll be one of four new Shamrock-branded drinks added to its existing seasonal mint-flavored milkshake. Shamrock syrup will also be squirted into its hot chocolate, mocha, and a chocolate chip frappe—a blended frozen coffee drink.


Other off-the-menu McDonald’s items that may, in the future, find its way to the menu board:

The Mc10:30. A Big Mac where you substitute the middle bun with hashbrowns and the bottom beef patty with sausage. It’s a sandwich you can only get at 10:30 a.m. when the restaurants is changing over from its breakfast to lunch menu.


The McNeapolitan. One-third vanilla milkshake, one-third strawberry milkshake, one-third chocolate milkshake.

The McRussian. A Filet-O-Fish with an added hash brown, plus Big Mac special sauce in place of tartar.