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McDonald’s selling its special sauce for special price of $18,000

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McDonald’s may have recently begun accepting love in exchange for food, but of course, there are some things far more precious than love—like your special sauce. As McDonald’s executives and your parents told you, you can’t just go giving your special sauce to everyone who says they love you. Your special sauce is worth more than that. Specifically, it’s worth around $18,000.

As ABC reports, the purveyors of various dressings atop meat-based trowels are finally releasing their Big Mac Special Sauce through an all-new conduit, the squeezable bottle, which you can use to apply it to whatever food or feeling you’d like to mask the taste of at home. However, these bottles are only available in a limited edition in Australia, where they’re being sold in stores to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities. So naturally, they’ve already turned up on eBay, so that the people of other nations might also enjoy paying way too much for a condiment.

Currently, a 500-ml bottle of Big Mac Special Sauce—one of only 200 to be produced in the world—is going for more than $23,000 AUD, or $18,000 in American dollars. The description promises that the sauce will make anything taste better, including “your mum’s amazing lasagne,” “your boyfriend’s gross lasagne,” “Hungarian goulash,” and even “cupcakes, ice cream, macaroni jewelry, fish oil capsules.” It’s believed that the Big Mac Special Sauce will even improve the bitter taste of despair once you realize you spent $18,000 on a bottle of hamburger spread. Indeed, it will probably make it more mayonnaise-y.


For those who don’t have $18,000 to spend—or do, but aren’t spoiled, tyrannical 7-year-olds who inherited their family’s fortune and are slowly feeding it to the flames with their whimsical purchases—you’re in luck. Smaller Special Sauce bottles will be made available around Australia for just 39 cents apiece, and also, you can just mush mayonnaise, mustard, and relish together yourself.

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