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McDonald’s Big Mac sauce is coming to grocers—but only in Canada

Photo: McDonald's Canada

Canada has everything: Universal health care, a handsome and beloved head of state, Drake, the foie gras Double Down, You Can’t Do That On Television. And now, as if America needs another slap in the face, Canada will, for now, be the exclusive home to bottled McDonald’s Big Mac sauce. Huffington Post Canada has confirmed that the sauce—alongside its McChicken and Filet-O-Fish sauces—will be sold in Canadian grocers beginning this spring. (Wait, isn’t McChicken sauce just mayonnaise?)

Americans will have to cross their northern border to snatch a bottle. Earlier this year, there was something of a social media frenzy when the company gave away 10,000 free bottles in the U.S. for a promotion. These bottles began appearing on eBay for the absurd (and likely not legitimate) amount of $10,000. It would just be so much easier to order 100 Big Macs and scrape out the sauce, or, just combine mayo and Thousand Island dressing. Even easier: just have McDonald’s executive chef tell you how to make it:

No word on when, or if, Americans will see the bottled condiment on store shelves Stateside.


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