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McBain: The Movie is 10 times more addictive than marijuana

You may remember The Simpsons’ resident Schwarzenegger analogue Rainier Wolfcastle from such films as McBain: You Have The Right To Remain Dead and McBain: Let's Get Silly, but his tenure as McBain began with the original McBain. First appearing in the second-season episode The Way We Was, the McBain movie played out through several early Simpsons episodes, but someone only recently thought to put them together into a complete, 4-minute movie in which McBain avenges his partner’s death by hunting down corrupt drug kingpin/senator Mendoza. (Mendozaaaaaaaa!)

UPDATE: Uh-oh, looks like the video was yanked. No explanation given. I blame Mendoza.


McBain: The Movie from McBain on Vimeo.

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