There are plenty of Internet search engines, but only one search engine has the express endorsement of flappy-pants rapper turned preachy-pants entrepreneur MC Hammer. That search engine is WIREDoo, which was introduced during San Francisco’s Web 2.0 summit by Hammer himself—Hammer having temporarily abandoned his quest to expose Jay-Z as the swag-jacking tool of Satan to focus on more street-level concerns, not unlike when he embarked upon the gritty realism of 1994’s The Funky Headhunter. Earlier today, Hammer personally outlined some of the features and capabilities of WIREDoo, understanding that there’s nothing more reassuring to potential investors than a thumbs-up from the guy who went bankrupt buying massive golden gates that spelled out “Hammertime.

Just for a minute, let's all do the bump.

But that was the past, and Hammer is looking to the future: In Hammer’s words, WIREDoo sets itself apart from current search engine technology by going “beyond the keywords” for what he terms a “deep search” or “relationship search”—not unlike his successful cover of The Chi-Lites “Have You Seen Her”—for a vertically integrated experience, uh, you can't touch. That means “adding value” to existing search terms by bringing in related keywords—not unlike laying some phat rhymes over a Rick James song.


“For example a search of the word ‘car’ might also come with the relationships to insurance, cost, specs, mileage, and who the driver will be,” InformationWeek summarizes. “A search for ‘home’ might also include relationships to community, schools, financing, insurance and so on.” Which definitely sounds legit! Also, needlessly complicated. 2 complicated? Nevertheless, Hammer seems to truly believe that WIREDoo—which he and his team have been working on for two years now—could eventually be a strong Google competitor. And it’s not like hubris has ever steered him wrong before.