After catching holy, web-based hell for kicking a fan out of one of his shows over a nasty tweet, MC Chris is repenting. The nerdcore rapper posted a teary apology video after having his ass handed to him by online fans over his actions Tuesday in Philadelphia, where MC Chris stopped the show to call out a fan, Mike Taylor, for tweeting that the opener, Richie Branson, wasn’t “good enough to pander to” him. After  identifying himself in the crowd as the tweeter, Taylor was escorted out of the building by security as MC Chris yelled, “That’s what you get for talking shit on Twitter!”

Taylor got a refund and a tweeted apology from Chris, but still took to Reddit to complain, saying that, as an MC Chris fan since 2004, he felt humiliated. And the rapper's niceties weren't good enough for the teeming hordes that populate the Internet, who tore into Chris for being a bully, prompting the below apology. In it, Chris says what he did “wasn’t cool,” tearfully adding, “I was just trying to do the right thing last night… It wasn’t the right thing and I made a mistake and I made somebody feel bad."