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The UK festival All Tomorrow's Parties is coming to America in a big way in September, premiering its first ever New York City festival Sept. 19-21 with My Bloody Valentine. (Actually, the festival is taking place at the, ahem, Kutshers Country Club in Monticello, NY. La-di-frickin'-dah!) MBV isn't the only heavy hitter playing the festival, which the band is also co-curating. Other indie rock luminaries will be there playing their greatest hits! Built to Spill will play Perfect From Now On! Meat Puppets will play Meat Puppets II! Tortoise will play Millions Now Living Will Die! Bands not playing their classic albums in their entirety include Low, Shellac, Mogwai, and Edan. Tickets go on sale Friday April 25 at 10 a.m. EST at www.atpfestival.com.


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