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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials premiere moved after bedbugs overrun theater

The Maze Runner

In what was possibly a failed marketing stunt or an act of corporate sabotage, the New York City premiere of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials was forced to change theaters due to reports of bedbugs. According to Page Six, the movie was supposed to be screened at the AMC Empire 25 theater in Times Square on Tuesday, but was moved across the street to a Regal Cinemas theater following customer complaints of bedbug bites.

The number of bedbug incidents grew over the last week, with moviegoers sharing photos of their bites online. The AMC Empire 25 theater had a bedbug issue, along with most of the rest of New York, back in 2010. AMC has issued a press release about the possible infestation as well as the proactive measures it’s taking.

At AMC, we take aggressive, proactive steps, including regular inspections and inspections any time a bedbug is suspected. If any inspection comes back positive, the affected area is treated the same day . . . by pest control.”


There’s no official statement from the film’s representatives, possibly because they’re just now realizing that fire ants would have made for a more appropriate movie tie-in.

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