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Mayor Pete Buttigieg to guest-host Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week for some reason

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Photo: Win McNamee (Getty Images)

Pete “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, will be guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC this week. Buttigieg shared that news with Today’s Crag Melvin (via Deadline), teasing that Patrick Stewart will be one of the guests and that “some funnier minds” will be coming up with monologue jokes for him, which is reasonably fun. We’re not entirely sure why this is happening, other than that Jimmy Kimmel will be busy hosting Who Wants To Be A Millionaire for a while and won’t have time for his regular show, but it’s not like Kimmel has a lot of famous actor/comedian friends he could call on for this. Pete Buttigieg, who is most famous for running a failed presidential campaign (and, to be fair, being the first openly gay Democrat to do so), was obviously just the most logical choice for this gig.

Seriously, though, it kind of seems like he ran for president to become famous and is now just taking advantage of the fact that he’s famous, which is... fine. It’s a little gross, but whatever. Buttigieg’s episode will air on Thursday, Patrick Stewart will be there, and it’ll probably be fun. We just thought we’d make it through this year without having to learn how to spell Buttigieg, and we’re disappointed by how wrong we were. We already learned McConaughey and that one is so hard. We can’t do more names.

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