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Illustration for article titled Maybe you need this clip of iOzark/is Ruth Langmore roasting the Lake Of The Ozarks partiers today
Photo: Jessica Miglio (Netflix)

As one of TikTok’s latest trends is making clear, Julia Garner’s foul-mouthed, razor-edged portrayal of Ozark’s Ruth Langmore radiates the kind of seething anger one can’t help but wish they could bottle up and unleash on their enemies at a moment’s notice.


Maybe, then, you’ll enjoy this edit someone made of Ruth excoriating those in the viral footage that emerged of Lake of the Ozarks’ jam-packed Memorial Day celebrations. As many throughout the country sacrificed social gatherings in an effort to lower the curve and expedite a return to semi-normalcy, rage at those who defied social distancing guidelines so they could drink next to hundreds of other sweaty, shirtless people boiled over. (Horrified Missouri and Kansas officials are now encouraging those who were in attendance to self-quarantine.)

If you’re still nursing some of that rage, imagine that Ruth’s mandate to “shut your fucknugget mouth and get out” was playing over the speakers instead of “High Hopes.” Or her query as to whether your mom smoked a lot of weed when she was pregnant with you. Or her explanation as to how one might jam their own dick up their own ass. It’s all pretty satisfying. 

There, don’t you feel better?

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