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Maybe Kanye was just tweeting New Yorker cartoon captions

Put. The laptop. Down.
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris (Getty Images)

Kanye West is going to keep on tweeting crazy shit, much of which will be ridiculous and disturbing and all of which will be ripe for people to make fun of on Twitter. This is, of course, part of why he will keep on doing it. Twitter is set up to turn this into something of a competition for the best joke, and, while there were many possibilities yesterday, none was better than the work of music site Pigeons & Planes, whose generally very funny Twitter account has merged West’s fun-sized philosophical musings with New Yorker cartoons.


Not only are the pairings in their various iterations spot-on, but they’re a fine way of pinpointing the simultaneous blend of yawning derp and low-key brilliance that defines West. Plugging his declarations in the mouths of the New Yorker cartoons’ usual subjects—boring, workaday white people—results in a delightful sort cognitive dissonance. What’s best is that they’re matched not to just draw a juxtaposition, but to work on their own. See some of our favorites below while you’re waiting for the next barrage of mind-fucking nonsense to flood your timeline.


If you aren’t already, you should follow Pigeons & Planes on Twitter, if only to see their regular photoshops of Michael Cera into canonical rap album covers.

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