It’s been a bad week for faux-Batmen. First a Michigan man forgets two of the key components to being the Dark Knight—natural dexterity and breathable fabrics—and now this video is making the rounds of another amateur caped crusader (who certainly resembles the short-tempered Batman from the documentary Confessions Of A Superhero, though that's unconfirmed) getting an embarrassing beatdown on the Las Vegas strip. Although High Definite compares this confrontation to the Knightfall arc that saw Batman similarly body-slammed by Bane, there are a few key differences: For example, we don’t remember Bane mockingly pretending to be Spider-Man at any point, nor do we recall Batman telling Bane to suck his motherfucking dick. Anyway, these viral Dark Knight Rises promotions are getting out of hand. [via Vulture]