Maya Rudolph, whose exit from Saturday Night Live launched the current horrors of the “Kenan Thompson in drag” era, may be making a return to NBC on a sitcom to be produced by her old boss Lorne Michaels. According to Deadline, Rudolph has signed on to star in an untitled comedy pilot written by ex-SNL writer Emily Spivey, which is said to be an “irreverent look at parenthood”—though it’s the most reverent topic of all!—as seen through the eyes of a working mother played by Christina Applegate, who not only “never thought she’d be a mom,” but also has to deal with her stay-at-home husband and her buttinsky parents.

Rudolph will play her co-worker and best friend, probably one who’s single and is all about chasing down some after-work martinis, but then Applegate is like, “I can’t—I’m stuck being a working mom!” and Rudolph is like, “Sucks to be you!” as she motors away in her convertible. But actually, no, this has the potential to be pretty good: Both Applegate and Rudolph are reliably funny performers (And hopefully Rudolph will fare better here than she did on Kath And Kim, which we shall never speak of again), and Spivey has spent the past year as a writer-producer on Parks And Recreation, so she knows good television. And maybe now that Rudolph is back in the NBC/Lorne Michaels fold, he can convince her to drop by SNL and play Michelle Obama once in a while.