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Maya Hawke joins the list of Stranger Things stars who are also talented musicians

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Photo: Rachel Murray (Getty Images for Netflix)

Stranger Things is a fun show, give or take the vast majority of season two, but now it’s becoming fairly clear that it might have been even more successful if Netflix had leaned into the strengths of its stars and just made it something other than a standard TV show… like, maybe a musical. Or a band. We just heard the new single from Joe Keery (TV’s Steve Harrington), and before that we heard a lot about the musical exploits of the show’s Charlie Heaton, Gaten Matarazzo, and Finn Wolfhard. Now, Maya Hawke (who played new party member Robin in season three) is also promoting her music career with two new singles off of her upcoming untitled album.


Hawke, of course, has a bit of an advantage over her costars when it comes to juggling her acting and her music, because—as the daughter of two famous people, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman—Hollywood law dictates that she must be allowed to do both things. Variety says Hawke wrote the lyrics and that singer-songwriter Jesse Harris wrote the actual music, with both of these two singles pairing her vocals with “some soft guitar strumming and a number of pared-down instruments.” Ethan Hawke says they’re good, and you can definitely trust his opinion, but decide for yourself by listening to them below.

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