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Maya and Anna are back—and trying on each other's underwear—in the latest Pen15 trailer

When it debuted last year, Hulu’s Pen15 instantly becaome one of the strangest, most strangely heartwarming things on modern TV—an attempt by comedians Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle to capture the awkward madness of middle school life by injecting their adult selves almost literally back into it. Watching Erskine and Konkle play teenaged version of themselves (surrounded by actual teen actors) was simultaneously off-putting and oddly natural, and the show’s second season doesn’t appear to have lost that sense of bizarre magic.


At least, not according to the show’s latest trailer, which Hulu debuted today as part of its virtual press tour. In it, Anna and Maya are back to their usual mix of obsessions: Boys, sex, parental divorce, and boys again. (Nothing says “young love” like shoving your own hair in another person’s locker, right?) It’s all simultaneously sweet and also weird as hell—in other words, classic Pen15.

Pen15 returns for its second season on September 18.