After creating shows centered on a rodeo clown and a janitor, respectively, Zach Galifianakis and Seth Rogen probably wanted to attach themselves to a project featuring leads with a more promising career trajectory. So who better to link up with than Bill Hader, who played a sports doctor in Trainwreck, to play a trio of astronauts in The Something?

The film, which will definitely be a piece of entertainment in which things happen, is written by 22 Jump Street scribe Rodney Rothman and also marks his directorial debut. According to Variety, Universal has locked down May 26, 2017 as its release date, and while previously we only knew that the astronauts would encounter something on their space journeys, that picture has now become ever-so-slightly clearer. In addition to happening upon “a mysterious craft,” they further realize “that they are not equipped to represent humankind in a battle of intelligent life.” Matt Damon’s going to be pissed when he hears about this one.