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Max Greenfield is not Doris in Michael Showalter’s Hello My Name Is Doris

Lest anyone think that the next film written and directed by Michael Showalter is a “Boy Named Sue”-type situation: Yes, New Girl’s Max Greenfield is slated to star in Hello My Name Is Doris, but no, his character’s name is not Doris. “It’s a story about Doris, this character, she’s an older woman,” Greenfield told The Wrap, before elaborating that this Doris is not the role he’ll be playing in Showalter’s first writer-director effort since 2005’s The Baxter. Instead, Greenfield portrays the guy Doris (again, not “the guy Doris”) pegs as the solution to her problems, problems that include the recent death of her mother and “a new life in the city.” Greenfield and Showalter previously worked together on the Sundance feature They Came Together, co-written by Showalter (with longtime collaborator David Wain) and co-starring Greenfield as another character who wasn’t named Doris, so we can officially put that joke to rest now.


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