It’s the nature of the Internet that, sometimes, even a years-old video can resurface and feel new again. That’s what happened this weekend with “Rihanna Vs. Schmidt,” a clip New Girl star Max Greenfield made of himself, clad in the “fat Schmidt” costume from the show, lip-syncing to Rihanna’s “We Found Love.” Somehow, even though it’s three years old, the clip started making the rounds again the past few days, even popping up on Vulture. While lip-sync videos are generally pretty funny, Greenfield really goes for it in “Rihanna Vs. Schmidt,” taking to a hilltop in Los Angeles to preen and strut, just like Rihanna and/or Schmidt would want. Even if you’ve seen it before, “Rihanna Vs. Schmidt” is still worth watching again and again and again.