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According to Deadline, Hulu’s Veronica Mars revival has added a couple more familiar faces to its lineup, with one being familiar because he was on the old show (though he’s also a big sitcom star now) and the other being familiar because he’s a very famous comedian. We’re specifically talking about Max Greenfield and Patton Oswalt, with Greenfield reprising his role as Leo D’Amato and Oswalt playing a true crime buff/pizza delivery guy named Penn Epner. In the original show, Greenfield’s Leo was a local cop in Veronica’s hometown of Neptune, and he was consistently a bit too happy to indulge Veronica’s teen detective adventures, occasionally getting him in trouble with her dad (Enrico Colantoni, also returning) and the other cops—most of whom were opposed to Veronica’s teen detective adventures. In the follow-up movie, he had become a detective at the San Diego Police Department who, once again, helped Veronica with an amateur murder investigation.


The two of them are joining Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who worked with Kristen Bell on The Good Place and will be playing a night club owner on Veronica Mars. The plot of the new, eight-episode miniseries will revolve around Veronica as she investigates a series of spring break murders that may or may not involve a corrupt group of wealthy elites. This is Veronica Mars, after all, so you know a corrupt group of wealthy elites have to be involved in some way.

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