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Maura's dead and everyone's dancing in the first teaser for Transparent's "Musicale Finale"

Fans of Amazon’s Transparent finally got their first real look at what a world without Maura Pfefferman might be like today, and its just as musical (sorry, “Musicale”) as we’ve been led to expect. Jill Soloway and team have just released the first trailer for the Emmy-winning series’ “Musicale Finale” film, which begins with the phrase “Maura’s dead,” ends with a discussion of grief-based horniness, and has a whole lotta singin’, dancin’ Judith Light in the middle.


True to what Soloway has said in the past, the trailer pitches the whole thing as a celebration of sorts, even as the Pfefferman family deals with the death of their parent—and, consciously or not, the aftermath of Jeffrey Tambor’s firing from the show. The end result looks funny, energetic, and just a bit self-centered—in other words, the same qualities that helped the show rise to prominence in the first place.

Transparent: Musicale Finale airs on September 27 on Amazon.

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