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Maura Tierney clarifies mysterious NBC announcement

Over the weekend, NBC released a statement that its new show, Parenthood, would  be delayed until mid-season due to a health concern with cast member Maura Tierney. Tierney as since cleared up the matter, Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello is reporting. Here's Tierney's statement:

In an effort to guard my privacy, it seems that the wording of NBC's press release has unfortunately caused some confusion and undue alarm about my health. I have discovered a tumor in my breast which requires surgery. I will not know either my exact diagnosis or course of treatment until that surgery is performed. My doctors have all assured me this is a very treatable condition. I'm very optimistic as to the outcome and want to thank everyone who has sent positive thoughts and support. I look forward to going back to work soon.

So, in short, it definitely sounds like something to be concerned about but not the deathbed mystery condition that readers might have imagined from the network's vague statement. The A.V. Club wishes Tierney a speedy recovery.


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