The sixth season of Mad Men, due to air in 2012, will be its last according to the Mayan calendar if creator Matthew Weiner has his way. Weiner casually dropped the revelation during an appearance at last week’s National Association Of Broadcasters, saying that he could “not see writing or even continuing the series past a sixth season.” With the show currently filming its fourth season (with new episodes due to begin in July), that means that Mad Men is now half over, which sounds about right. For fans who were holding out hope that we might see the show drag on into the ’70s or even ’80s—giving Don Draper a chance to try out key parties, double-knit polyester, muttonchops, and eventually cocaine and yuppie amorality in Reagan’s America—it’s probably a little disappointing. But for everyone else, it’s reassuring to know that Weiner is working with a specific endpoint in mind.

In other Mad Men-related news, the latest issue of Esquire names Christina Hendricks the "best-looking woman in America," an honor they celebrate by making the normally impeccable Hendricks look like she's about to do the walk of shame after a late night filming the new Whitesnake video. Also, according to the article, Hendricks believes "no man should be on Facebook." Just a heads up.