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Illustration for article titled Matthew Vaughns adaptation of Mark Millars emSecret Service/em casts Michael Caine and Colin Firth

After his success adapting Mark Millar's graphic novel Kick-Ass, director Matthew Vaughn is going back to the well with an adaptation of Secret Service, which Millar created in 2012 along with Watchmen illustrator Dave Gibbons.


The film version has cast Michael Caine as the head of a spy organization that tries to limit its activities to merely blowing the bloody doors off. Colin Firth will play a spy charged with training the film's lead, the relatively unknown Taron Egerton, a young British actor who thus far has only appeared in a short, and two episodes of ITV's Inspector Morse spinoff Lewis.

Vaughn is also reportedly pursuing Emma Watson or Bella Heathcote for the female lead, while still looking for a big name to play the villain. So far, Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio have passed, but Vaughn is said to be holding out for someone with that level of name recognition, which narrows it down to either President Obama or Santa Claus.

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