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Matthew Vaughn's abandoned Flash (ah-ah!) Gordon movie is back in the works

Flash Gordon (1980)
Photo: Stanley Bielecki Movie Collection (Getty Images)

Turn’s out Gordon is, in fact, alive, with Deadline reporting that the Flash (ah-ah!) Gordon remake—previously in the hands of Kingsman and Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn—has once again been revived, this time under the directing auspices of Julius Avery. Vaughn will instead produce, presumably leaving him with more time to come up with increasingly ludicrous weapons to chop people in half with in Kingsman 3.

Avery—director of the upcoming Nazi monster movie Overlord—is reportedly a long-time fan of the Flash (“savior of the universe!”) Gordon comic book, itself based off a beloved comic strip from the 1930s. The character—an all-American athlete kidnapped by a megalomaniacal alien overlord—has featured in any number of adaptations over the years, including a Syfy series that aired for a single season in the mid-2000s, and a 1980 film adaptation that was blessed both with a typically over-the-top appearance from the great Brian Blessed, and a Queen-penned theme song so infectiously goofy that some people still can’t stop jamming references to it awkwardly into Newswires 30 years after the fact.

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