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Illustration for article titled Matthew Vaughn wont direct emX-Men: Days Of Future Past/em, so Bryan Singer might

Although he seemed pretty well secured to direct X-Men: Days Of Future Past, having penned the treatment for his X-Men: First Class sequel and everything, Matthew Vaughn has decided that the job is not for him after all. Deadline reports that Vaughn has stepped back to a producing role, leaving the studio to consider replacing him with Bryan Singer—a move that would be a reversal of roles, as Singer wrote the treatment for the 2011 film that he produced. And of course, it would also mark an even more important return for Singer, who directed the first two X-Men films before deciding to let Brett Ratner have the franchise, forcing him to reboot it in the first place. Anyway, it's not immediately clear why Vaughn balked at helming the film, but let's just go ahead and assume it's because of January Jones. It just seems like it would be her fault, right?


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