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Matthew Vaughn is working on a Kick-Ass prequel and sequel

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Matthew Vaughn knows you have questions about his Kick-Ass movies, maybe even some that might not be of the “how did this get made?” variety. So, while the director mulls over a planned Flash Gordon remake, he’s also working on a third act for the series, as well as a prequel that will focus on the characters everyone actually likes.


In an exclusive Yahoo! UK interview, the director responded to fan queries, including one that asked if he was “happily done” with the movies. Although Vaughn said he’d love to make a Kick-Ass 3, he seemed to acknowledge his own Brett Ratnering of the franchise and proffered a prequel with the origin story of Hit Girl and Big Daddy as a “sorbet” for the moviegoing public.

Although Chloë Grace Moretz played Hit Girl in the first two movies—and was the highlight of both—she probably won’t be able to sign on to play an even younger version of the foul-mouthed crimefighter. Because even if the studio worked some movie magic a la Twilight, Vaughn has just confirmed that he will direct Kingsman 2, which effectively delays any more Kick-Ass movies for at least a couple of years. But we can probably go ahead and sign up Nicolas Cage to play Big Daddy again, unless there’s yet another Left Behind reboot in the works.

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