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Matthew Rhys and Tracey Ullman will guest star in the final season of Girls

Photo: Jared Siskin/Getty Images

Girls embarks on its final season next month, wrapping up the stories of the central narcissistic foursome and their various friends and lovers. But even though the series is winding down, Lena Dunham and company have found some room for guest stars plucked from other beloved projects. HBO announced yesterday that The Americans’ Matthew Rhys found some time when not spying for Russia in the 1980s to pop up in present-day New York. Meanwhile, Tracey Ullman and Rogue One’s Riz Ahmed have also booked roles.

Though the released synopses do not reveal who the hell Ullman’s Ode is, we do have some details on Ahmed and Rhys’ characters. Ahmed’s Paul-Louis is described as an “an uncomplicated waterski instructor” Hannah encounters when writing an article in the Hamptons. The word ”uncomplicated” seems to indicate his personality will be the exact opposite of our heroine’s. Rhys’ part looks to be more controversial: Chuck Palmer is an “acclaimed author,” who now has “disturbing allegations swirling around him.” Girls returns to HBO February 12.


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