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Photo: Frederick M. Brown (Getty Images)

In a surprise tweet on Friday night, Matthew Perry revealed that he has been in a hospital bed for the past three months. We don’t know what specifically required Perry to be hospitalized for so long, but a representative told People back in August that he had recently undergone surgery for a “gastrointestinal perforation.” A source now tells People that “he’s good” and that he’s “going home finally.”


As The Mayo Clinic explains, a gastrointestinal perforation means that a hole appeared somewhere in his gastrointestinal system, possibly from some other unrelated health issue or trauma, and the whole thing can lead to various life-threatening infections if left untreated. Basically, it all sounds completely awful, and we’re thinking about spending a few months in bed just from having to read about this.

But seriously, we’re just glad that Miss Chanandler Bong is alright.

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