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Matthew Perry turns “Hotline Bling” into “Hotline Bing”

Illustration for article titled Matthew Perry turns “Hotline Bling” into “Hotline Bing”

For those who thought the internet was done with parodying the video for Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” congratulations on being born yesterday. For everyone else, Mashable has concocted “Hotline Bing,” which takes the original video and augments it with Matthew Perry’s lovably uptight Chandler Bing from Friends. As Drake suavely dances within his giant, color-changing cubes, there’s dorky, decidedly not-suave Matthew Perry on the sidelines, flailing his limbs about in what looks like a grotesque mockery of the very concept of dance itself. While Terpsichore weeps for what has been lost on this day, Perry’s Friends co-star, David Schwimmer, makes an unexpected appearance in a cameo that either neutralizes or greatly intensifies the eroticism of the original Drake video, depending on one’s perspective. As the video progresses, Drake is shown to have a tiny dancing Matthew Perry on his shoulder. Then, in a brilliant move, the miniature Matthew Perry is depicted with his own, even tinier version of Drake dancing on his own shoulder. And then, just when it looks like the concept has utterly run out of steam and the video has nothing further to offer, the parody jumps to the next level and completely turns the musical tables on Drizzy. To say anything further would spoil the surprise, but it’s a satisfying conclusion nevertheless.


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