(Photo: Getty Images)

Could Matthew Perry be any more of a famous politician? Apparently not, because Variety is reporting that he’s just joined the cast of The Kennedys: After Camelot, the sequel to Reelz’s 2011 The Kennedys miniseries. Perry will be playing Ted Kennedy, the dry, sarcastic one with a job that nobody understands and a mostly forgotten history with substance abuse. He’ll be appearing alongside Katie Holmes who—as we reported way back in 2014—will be reprising her role as Jackie Onassis. Variety makes it sound like this Kennedys installment will focus primarily on Ted as he does his best to live up to his family’s legacy and fill the various voids left after his brothers’ assassinations, with Holmes’ Jackie supporting him and acting as a confidant behind the scenes.

Perry will also be an executive producer on the project, which will be four episodes long and will premiere at some point in 2017 on Reelz.